Kopitar Recovery, LLC

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Judgment Recovery!

Kopitar Recovery, LLC specializes in judgment recovery. 

80% of all judgments go unpaid - at least they did until we opened our doors in 2011. If you have an unpaid civil judgment, you have definitely come to a place worth visiting. We don't stop until we reach success, and have even been called the "most persistent recovery service" around.

Are we a collection agency?  No, we are a judgment recovery agency. Collection agencies can only credit report and pursue a debtor by mail or phone. A debtor can tell the collection agency to stop contacting them and that is basically the end. A lot of judgment debtors refuse to pay voluntarily, and that's why you are here now looking into other options. We make them pay by using the court system, and your debtor will soon find out that a simple "I'm not paying" just isn't going to cut it when payments are being enforced with the law behind you.

How Our Recovery Services Work

Our ultimate goal is to collect the monies that are due to our clients.  There are certainly debtors who will willingly pay their balance owed, so we are always willing to contact the debtor to try and work out an agreeable arrangement for payment.   Sometimes getting a third party involved is enough for the debtor to take notice that you mean business, or maybe the timing was just wrong when the debt first occurred and now the debtor is in a different financial position and better able to take care of their responsibility.

Of course there will always be debtors that are not willing to pay the money that they owe  regardless of their finances or the timing. For these more challenging debtors, we take a step above the competition with other methods. We utilize top of the line skip tracing programs to locate debtors and their assets and then use that information to garnish wages, seize bank accounts, personal property, etc., -any legal method allowed by law. 

If you are owed money, we are here to help. Contact us today or visit our F.A.Q's tab to find out how you can start the process of turning that white paper judgment into the green paper that fits better into your wallet.

About Judgment Purchasing and Selling Services

Do you have a hard-to-collect-on judgment that you would just like to sell and get a lump sum for up front? 

We offer judgment purchasing for any civil case:

We Accept Clients from All 50 States.

We Buy and Sell Judgments with a Minimum Balance of $500.00.

We Purchase Single Judgments and Entire Portfolios.

Important things to remember when selling a judgment:

You are selling the judgment for a reason - you  (and possibly agencies in which you have already submitted your account for collection) have been unsuccessful in attempts to collect and the judgment buyer will be taking a risk.  You will not receive face value for the judgment that you wish to sell, but a fraction of that amount, so it's important to be realistic in your expectations.

Important things to remember when buying a judgment:

You are taking a risk. Please understand that collection is not guaranteed and always do your research prior to making a purchase.


Please visit our Services tab for more information on buying or selling judgments.

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